AMJ Investors Worldwide works with Strongbrook which consists of a mortgage brokerage, real estate brokerage, insurance brokerage, marketing company, several holdings companies, and a real estate coaching company to deliver quality real estate services to our members and community.

Purchase of a Professional Service Agreement (PSA) includes access to Strongbrook Realty’s most elite investment properties around the country. The homes in our hot markets are located, researched, rehabbed, marketed to tenants, and rented out for YOU. If you want to buy in your own “backyard,” Strongbrook Realty will assist you in finding a home, and assist you with the Compassionate Financing (sophisticated lease option) process to ensure maximum profitability and benefit to the community.

Professional Service Agreements (PSAs) are all about access. View them as the golden key that opens investment opportunities unavailable anywhere else, while minimizing your personal time, effort, and risk. WISE through Strongbrook REIC delivers access to the ultimate real estate Power Team complete with education, application and turn-key properties in your own market or the best ones in the country. 

Ready to Start Investing?

Transactional Professional Service Agreements

Your Essentials, Empowerment, or Elite PSA will allow you to immediately begin successfully transacting real estate. Now is the best time to begin investing so you’ll want to get started as soon as possible.

The PSA you choose will determine the number of properties you can transact with the Strongbrook REIC Power Team.

  • Essentials PSA ($5,499) Access for one (1) property transaction

  • Empowerment PSA ($7,999) Access to four (4) property transactions

  • Elite PSA ($15,999) Access to an unlimited number of property transactions

Each Transactional Professional Service Agreement includes:
Property Transaction Access

  • Access to Strongbrook REIC’s most elite investment properties in the hottest real estate markets.

  • Access to Strongbrook REIC’s exclusive property financing services, tailored for investors.

  • Access to professional property management services that coordinate both the rehab of ready-to-purchase real estate inventory, as well as rental management and ongoing maintenance services.

One-on-One Power Team Access 

  • Unlimited Access to the Strongbrook REIC Power Team, with seasoned experts in every      discipline required for a successful real estate investment program.

  • Unlimited Access to one-on-one Coaching to help you map out your customized investment program.

  • A personal Client Services Coordinator to guide you throughout the entire investment process.

On-Demand Education Access

  • Unlimited Access to on-demand, online education and special reports.

Live Event Access

  • Unlimited Access to Strongbrook’s Strait Path Intensive workshops, annual Wealth Summits, and quarterly Bootcamp events.