Referral Partners can make up to $3,000 per individual real estate transaction that occurs as a result of his or her referral of the client to our Strongbrook Done-for-You Real Estate Referral Program.

When your prospects buy from our inventory, you get your revenue share. We do the bulk of the work; you cash in. What could be simpler?

By becoming a¬†Referral Partner¬†you will be able to leverage the size and negotiating power of our Power Team of over 200 real estate professionals as we do all the “heavy lifting”, helping you to create Wealth, Freedom and Positive Cash-Flow for Life to your investor network and earn referral fees.

Package Includes:

  • Investment and Opportunity Websites

  • Live and Online Trainings

  • Referral fee up to $3,000 per Investor

Referral Qualifications:
1. Must be a Business Professional, Nonprofit or Organization,
2. Must have a Website (with heavy traffic),
3. Must have a strong social media presence (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), AND
4. Must have influence and good moral character.

If you meet all criteria, you are invited to apply for our Real Estate Referral Program.

$99.00 (IBD Referral Starter Kit) PLUS $19.95 monthly (Administration Fee)