The goal is not to just sell homes, its to change lives….
» » » The goal is not to just sell homes, its to change lives….

The goal is not to just sell homes, its to change lives….

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People have many questions about today’s real estate market…..and how it will affect their personal situation.  If you are behind on your house payments, looking for an investment property, looking for a rental, currently renting, or buying your first home, I can help everyone. If you fit into any one of the categories below, contact me today.  My goal is not to just sell homes, I want to change lives…

SHORT SALE / FORECLOSURE:   If you are currently behind on your house payment, or thinking of letting your home go, make sure you call me as soon as possible to review your options.  I can help you short sale your home for FREE and I can explain your personal benefits.  It is important to know all your options in this crazy real estate market. :  I assist people going through a financial hardship…. When someone is going through financial struggle or on the brink of losing their home it is a very difficult time.  I give my clients the information needed so they know how to navigate through the process.  I advise them of all the different options and help them determine what the best decision is for their situation.  I walk them through the process and help them get through a stressful financial struggle.

FIRST TIME HOME BUYER:  With all the short sales and bank owned homes on the market, it is the perfect time to purchase a great deal.  Interest rates are the lowest in history so it is important to take advantage of all the buyer benefits.  I help first time home buyers fulfill their dream of owning a home. When making the biggest financial decision of your life it is important to have someone you trust guiding you along the way.  I provide my first time home buyers with all the information relevant to making an informed decision for them and their families.  I help them figure out what their wants and needs, and walk them through the entire process.

RENTERS:  If you are looking for a rental, I can help you at no charge.  If you have been renting, now may be the time to buy.  Call me to find out if you qualify to purchase a home.

INVESTORS:  Real estate investing is safer than the stock market.   Many investors are buying great real estate deals.  You can purchase a home and use the rent to cover the monthly mortgage payment, find out if it can work for you. I help investors expand their business portfolio.  I find homes for investors as well as assist them with finding the perfect tenant.   In the recent years many of my clients have decided to invest their money in real estate and I provide them with the information needed to make the best financial decision they can.

SELLERS:  The real estate market is always changing and it is important to have all your information before you decide to sell.  Whether you’re  going through a divorce or just want to sell a home you no longer need, I can help with all of your changing home needs.  When helping divorcing couples I help both husband and wife make important decisions about the home they are selling as well as assist them both in finding new homes.  The process can be very emotional and frustrating, however the communication I provide helps both the husband and wife get through the process with minimal stress. Also, some clients just need to downsize into a smaller home after the kids move out.  Or they want to relocate.  For whatever reason, when my clients need to sell their current home, I work with different sources to ensure that the client has a seamless move.

If you know someone who could benefit from my real estate knowledge or needs a little guidance, please join my free referral program, forward my information to them or let me know.


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