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My name is Anna M. Johnson and I’m a licensed real estate professional in NYC. I have accepted the challenge to turn 100 renters into home buyers!  The end of the year is approaching and I am excited about this challenge for 2017. I purchased my first home when I was 27 years old because I was tired of throwing my money away to rent.  I had tons of debt at the time and NO MONEY! And I did it! I didn’t have furniture or curtains but I owned my first condo.  I strongly believe that everyone should own a home, which will put them on a path of building wealth for themselves rather than a landlord.  My focus now is to find renters and show them how it’s possible for them as well. I’m READY but I need your help.  I need for you to tell everyone that you know about my challenge. Join my referral program because each referral that converts to a buyer can choose to receive, as a thank you from me, either a free trip or a $250 gift card, so please HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD!  If you or anyone you know has thought of owning a home, my FREE 20 Minute Rent Analysis will help you decide if home, coop or condo ownership is right for you now, or in the near future (it’s free, and there is no obligation to buy anything.) It might be the most important 20 minutes you make in your financial life. Contact me for more details and to schedule your appointment. info@annamjohnson.com or 347-370-9397. My goal is to change lives! I appreciate everyone’s support!

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