» » Question of the day: Why should I use a Real Estate Agent?

Question of the day: Why should I use a Real Estate Agent?

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A real estate agent can be an excellent resource to you as you search for your home.  They will find what you’re looking for as per your specs that you give them.   They should have extensive knowledge about market condition in the area that you are looking to live. They will set appointments for you to view prospective homes, and will come with you on your visits.  An agent will also coordinate all aspects of the transaction such as presenting your offer, arrange inspection on the property, negotiate the purchase price for you, and basically answer any questions you may have.  Best of all, this will cost you nothing. 

When choosing your agent, make sure you are comfortable with them because you will be sharing a lot of personal information with them about your finances, goals etc.  The best way to find a great agent is normally through personal referral; you should talk to friends, family, neighbors and coworker and ask for recommendations.

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